Suicidal Tendencies

So I’m having to listen to ridiculously happy music in order to counter the effects of what I’m about to write. Although I hate it, it’s the only way for me to not lapse into yet another overly depressed mood for the next couple of days.

Suicide. Go ahead and whisper it to yourself, no matter how creepy you might sound to those around you. It’s a dark topic, and one of the realest impulses we’ll ever feel. It seems strange that some people claim to never had had them. I don’t understand them at all. Maybe it’s just me, but the world can a very dark, depressing and hopeless place to live in, and sometimes I just want to escape it forever. I don’t know where you’re at, dear reader, but I sincerely hope that if you are considering it, be very careful with what you decide to do.

Suicide is a form of escape, but keep in mind that it is permanent. That’s the one thing that stops me every time. You can’t go back. There’s no rewind button. And do you know where you’re going? This is where the topic could turn to religion, or the profound lack of it, but I’ll save that for later. Think about it.



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