Oh, bullying…I remember it well.

The one kid who always got picked on, who never chose to fight back. That was me for the longest time. Then one day, they stopped. I’ll explain why.

Have you ever watched Ender’s Game? I personally wasn’t a huge fan of a it, I prefer the book. But in the beginning of the movie, there was a scene which fascinated me. Ender (the main protagonist) is alone in a room, surrounded by these pretty ugly looking bullies. There is a brief argument, and then the head bully tries to beat Ender up. Having forgotten how the scene went on the book, I rolled my eyes, expecting Ender to get beat up. He didn’t.

Instead, Ender fights back, grabbing a spiky-looking bone thing from a nearby table and attacks the bully with it. I was pleasantly surprised by this and kept watching with renewed interest. After some more fighting the bully goes down on the ground, cowering and covering his face with his hands. I snorted, the bully had completely deserved it. Then Ender did something that astonished me. He kept hitting the bully. Even after the battle was obviously over, Ender continued to beat up the bully, the bully flinching with every strike.

Eventually, Ender rises from the prone form of his enemy and tells the other horrified bullies that ‘now they know how I treat those who hurt me’. While at first I was in disagreement with his actions, for the rest of the movie, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. The more that I dwelled on it, the more sense it made.

If you fight back against a bully and (oh happy day!) beat him, rendering him vulnerable but then back off, you’ve won only that battle. The next time there’s a fight (and there will be), the humiliated bully will go even harder on you to regain his pride, and he’ll probably bring some cronies along with him.

The trick here is to keep going. Despite how heartless this sounds, it is the only way to make sure this bully leaves you alone. When you see an opportunity, take it and don’t stop. Keep beating the bully until you know for a fact that he or she will never, ever touch you again.

That’s what happened to me. I fought back against the insecure idiot that had been bullying me and my friends since third grade, and he’s never bothered me since. While I’m not guaranteeing that this will work, it certainly is your best option.


Important Note:

Now that I’m reading this over, I see I missed something important. Only attempt this route if  you have tried every other way. Try and talk it out. Maybe this bully is hurt by something you did to him in the past. Try and make it right between you guys. If it’s peaceably irreparable, then go this route.

Tell us what experiences you had/have with bullying in the comments below!



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