True Friends


Everyone wants friends, right? Humans by nature are social creatures, and no matter how introverted we are, we all want at least one true friend who will stick with us no matter how dark our situations get. And as you probably know, not a lot of the friends you have now will do that for you. They are, in my pessimistic opinion, ‘fair weather’ friends. I don’t remember where I heard the term from, but it basically means that they’re only your friends when everything is going well.

Now, how many friends do you have who you can talk to about the bad things in your life? How many friends can you count on during a bad situation?  I wouldn’t be surprised if you could count them all on an amputee’s fingers. If you have one or more, I salute you.

I have one. One. I know I’m lucky, a lot people don’t have any, but it’s still depressing to know that having one good friend puts you in the majority. A true friend is a rarity, someone that is always there for you through both the good times and the bad. Anyone can find friends, but if you stumble onto that one guy or girl that you instinctively click with, please, for the love of God,  stay with them. 

I know that a lot of you guys are really into poetry, so I made a…looking it up…”acrostic” poem for you describing the characteristics of a true friend. Enjoy it, and don’t make fun of me.

Friends are:

~Free to act like themselves around you.
~Real around you. They don’t put up a facade when you’re together.
~Interested, truly interested in you and your passions.
~Enjoyable. This is a must. If you’re not having fun when you’re with them, I’m not sure what you two are doing together.
~Natural. You naturally click together, you can just be yourself around them. This goes along with Real.
~Deep: This is one of the hardest traits to find. You must be able to talk about deep things, more than the usual shallow talk about Vines and other stuff.

Well, I just made a poem. This is depressing. Horrible work of literary art, I know, but I believe it captures the essence of friendship, to a certain degree. Tell me if I’m wrong in the comments, or what you think makes a true friend. Have a great day.


7 thoughts on “True Friends

  1. This was really well done, no matter what you say! I, actually, an very blessed to have multiple people in my life who I could describe with your acrostic poem, both guys and girls. This made me reappreciate them all over again, so I thank you for that. 🙂


    • Although I doubt the sincerity of your compliment regarding the verbal mess I call a poem up there, I thank you wish you the best of times with your friends. You are lucky, indeed.


      • See, poetry is simply how you express your thoughts in a pseudo-orderly fashion. You did that, therefore it is a poem. And, acrostic poems are hard to do anyway, so congrats on that. I think you’ve just set very high standards for yourself. The rest of us liked it. 👍


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