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Hello all. I’m in a despicably good mood because I have reached, as you may have guessed, 20 followers!


I know you higher-ups must be snorting and rolling your eyes at the amount, but for me, this is a huge accomplishment. My deepest thanks to aprmcl for being the latest follower (The rebel 21) on my blog, and special thanks to zoe2600 for being my first ever follower. You guys are great, really. I feel like I should be posting happier things on this blog…you guys deserve it.



(It’s not actually Edgy, Allie and Jo. Just Edge. I was too embarrassed to tell you sooner, but I guess now is as good as ever. Sorry xD)







14 thoughts on “20 Followers

  1. Congratulations! I shocked when I saw this . I thought you’ve 1000++ followers😅 because your post is too awesome and full of thoughts😊 You deserve every single person that following you🐼

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