The Riddle

Hey guys.

Out of the intense boredom I’ve been experiencing these past few weeks, I’ve decided to make something for you.

Ooohh, a gift? What could Edge possibly have for me today?

Well, it’s not really a gift, per say, but rather, a riddle.

A riddle?? Oh no…do I have to think for this?

Yes. I’m sorry. So so sorry. To make things even better, it’s no ordinary riddle either. This, while being short in length, while take you across the internet and back. When you get to the end, you’ll know, so don’t worry about not knowing when to stop. Think of it as an…online adventure. The key to beginning this adventure is in three pieces, hiding somewhere in my blog.

Good luck!


16 thoughts on “The Riddle

  1. idk m8 but –


  2. binary code… sneaky, sneaky. if i figure it out will you actually comment back to me or do i just have to keep commenting and hoping you’ll see it?


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