The Riddle: Explained

Hello. It’s me again.

I regret to say, unfortunately, that no one managed to solve my riddle, as seen here. I must have made it too hard, so I’m going to show you all, step by step, how one would go about solving it. I’m also going to include some cool thinking music for you to listen to while you read.

Step 1: Locating the three pieces.

There were three strings of binary hidden throughout my blog. They were hidden here, here, and here. Here they are all together:

  1. 11001101101011001010010111101110101001101110101001001000110
  2. 10001011110010111101110110011010010110010000101
  3. 0110100001110100011101000111000001110011001110

Step 2: Arranging the strings together and decoding them.

This was the part that everyone got stuck at. I received quite a few emails from perplexed bloggers who thought that I had made a mistake. I thought I had too, until I actually tried it myself. My dignity was restored, thankfully. It’s possible, just harder than I thought it would be.

First, go to any Binary to Text Decoder website, and string the pieces together in this order using the number list shown above: 3, 2, 1. Once you do that, you’ll get this:


Place that string into the decoder, and you’ll get this link:

Step 3: Finding and decoding the hexadecimal.

The link will take you to a strange video about recovering from depression. Scroll down, and you’ll notice that there is a comment by someone named “op2b1s”.

Now here I tried to throw you off a bit.

The comment looks like a random combination of numbers and letters, but it’s actually another code called a hexadecimal. Keep in mind that this is not common knowledge, and I’m wondering now why I didn’t think this would be a problem. I’m kind of an idiot.

Once again, you would take that hexadecimal string and paste it into a Hexadecimal to Text Converter website. The decoded data would reveal another link:

But that isn’t even the tricky part. I feel ridiculous right now, because I can see that I got waaay too carried away. The Reddit link was a false trail. It would simply lead you to a reddit post that had been removed by the author.

The REAL trail lies in a user “270419”’s reply to the “op2b1s” comment, which is also in hexadecimal.

Once decoded, you’ll get a link to a Paste in Pastebin:

Step 4: Decoding the link.

You’ll know that you’re on the right trail, because the name of the Paste is “The Riddle”…Or is it another rabbit trail? Muahahahaha!

No, really though, you’re on the right trail. This is the last code in the Riddle! So, in the Paste, you’ll see this combination of letters and numbers:


It’s a Caesar Cipher, simple enough to decode. Just use a site like this one and let it do its work. When decoded, the result will be what I like to call…

The Victory Link!

So there you have it! My completely, ridiculously complex Riddle. Thank you for bearing with me xD.


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