The Death of The Law: WARNING – Mildly Disturbing

Today I saw a dead man.

Not once did I ever think that I would see a body this early in my life. Yet, as I’m often reminded, the strangest coincidences befall me at the most random times, so I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised when my family drove by a dead policeman, surrounded by a small crowd of people. And what was this crowd doing, you ask? Surely they were on their phones, calling for help? No. They were inching as close as they dared to the dead man, and taking pictures of him. I saw one guy take a selfie. I had lost all my faith in humanity a while ago, but this deepened it. Considerably.

Anyway, back to the corpse. He was lying on the ground, legs still straddling his motorcycle, which was scratched and bent, headlights smashed. The man’s face and arms were gray, which was a little disturbing. He was lying twisted so that he was chest down, but I could see his face, half-hidden by dirt. His eyes were wide open, but blank, and his mouth was closed in a little grim line, like he didn’t approve of all the attention he was getting.

His left arm was stretched straight out away from him, but his right arm was up in the air, and bent at an unnatural angle, so that his hand was still touching the ground. That was the most disturbing part for me, I think.

I saw all this as we passed by, and although my father sped up so that my younger siblings wouldn’t see, I know that we all saw it, and that it will remain with them for the rest of their lives. I know it will for me. A few minutes later, an ambulance raced by us with its lights flashing, and I saw several police on their motorbikes following it. What’s sad is that those policemen probably knew him personally.

Although this isn’t the first corpse I’ve ever seen, it was definitely the most shocking, and it goes to show us that…anyone can die, at any given time. I could drop dead of a heat stroke ( I certainly feel like I will), your sibling could get hit by a car, and it’ll be over. Just like that. Nothing you can do about it.

Well, actually, there are two things you CAN do.

  1. Make sure you have the best relationship possible with them so that when they (or you) die, you (or they) have no regrets concerning your relationship with them.
  2. Distance yourself from everyone you love, and hope that you die before everyone else does. A slightly more morbid take, but just as effective.

I’ll leave you to decide your path. If there are more choices, please let me know, as I am decisively challenged.


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