About Me

I’m Edge.

That’s not really my name, of course, but I prefer it over my other one.


I’m a seventeen year old guy, and it’s a pleasure to meet you.
I like to read, especially when the book I’m reading contains elements of philosophy, horror, romance, or any sort of adventure. I love the Lord of The Rings series, as well as Harry Potter. Stephen King and Ted Dekker are among my role models as far as writing goes.
I like, unfortunately, to get into dicey situations for the adrenaline rush it creates.
I love codes and ciphers of all kinds.
Favourite movie, you ask?
I don’t know….I have a couple.
Treasure Planet, The Imitation Game, any of the Pirates of The Caribbean titles. If you want to watch any of those with me, I will most certainly say yes. Oh yeah, I like horror movies too.
I love rain. Absolutely love rain. I also like mist and fog. I prefer the night over the day, especially when earlier said weather is present. I also like to sit outside and watch  when storms are…well, storming.

I recently discovered that I really enjoy ‘philosophy’, a vague term that essentially covers all the deep thought that our generation is ridiculously lacking in. I mean, really, when was the last time you walked through the halls of your school and heard the jocks seriously debating over the meaning of life? If you’ve seen this, please tell me where your school is. I’m transferring there, because all I’ve ever heard the athletes talk about at my school are the girls they want to bang or something equally as shallow, and I’m sick of it.

While I’m not saying that small talk should be eliminated, I do think there should be at least a small degree of deep discussion on a daily basis, and I sincerely hope you agree with me. If you don’t, tell me why in the comments.
Welcome to my blog.



9 thoughts on “About Me

  1. hey what’s up how ya doin, my name’s abi and i, too, have a black blog and enjoy reading and the imitation game. you should go check my stuff out bc you’re pretty cool and i really like cool people and i hope they do too so yah. anyways have a great day, keep on keeping on. xxx abi

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