Hello again.

So this is where it is. This is the new face of ‘Edgy Concept’, and hopefully it’ll come with new thoughts, ideas, concepts, and philosophies.

Because of my current circumstances, I will need to be extra careful when maintaining this blog, so I might take longer than I used to when replying to comments and other interactivity, although I will be posting more often than I used to.

Anyways, hello again, to all of you. I’ve missed you all and I look forward to talking with you again. Bring me all your stories, problems, jokes, and fan art (JK about that last one) and we’ll discuss it.



Goodbye, for now.


This is important.

To me, at least. Today my brother found my blog, and as he isn’t exactly the most trustworthy person,  my family knows about it too, and soon, so will my entire school. They’re not the best people to confide in, and I’m sure the ridicule will be formidable. They don’t like feelings. I’m going to have to take this blog down, and once I’ve established a new ‘base of operations’ and the heat dies down, I’ll find some way to let you guys know where I am. Until then,


I’ll miss you guys.



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